Regular flossing and brushing is the best way to prevent cavities, but we are likely to get cavities at some point in our lives. If you do develop a cavity, we have a couple of options to treat your tooth.

If the cavity is a visible part of your mouth, you may prefer composite fillings. Composite material, a combination of ceramic and plastic, is white and blends in with your teeth, making them more aesthetically pleasing. However, they do take longer to place, they’re more expensive, and they may not work in all areas of your mouth.

If a composite filling is not a viable option, you can fill a cavity with dental amalgam, a combination of mercury, silver, tin, and copper. Amalgam is more durable than composite, so it tends to work better in areas that experience greater stress, such as the stress that your molars experience when chewing your food.

Dr. Gadol is happy to discuss these different options with you! Please bring any questions you have about fillings to your next appointment.



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